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About Asian Ravers

Asian Ravers was created to showcase the wonder and beauty of the Asian EDM scene.

With major dance music festivals putting on events across Asia and EDM artists adding Asian cities to their tours, the rave scene in Asia is exploding!

We bring you news, photos and video highlights from those events as well as featuring Asian guys and girls raving around the World!

Join us as we bring you the best of clubbing, raving and EDM from Asia.

Rave on!

New for 2019!

For 2019 and beyond, Asian Ravers has partnered with Raver Network. We will be using their knowledge and contacts through their many years of involvement in the rave scene to bring you a bigger and better experience here on Asian Ravers.

You can now contact us via direct message @RaverNetwork on Instagram (Be sure to include “Asian Ravers” in your message. You can also submit photos / videos directly to them or tag @RaverNetwork in your posts for a possible feature on